Be very afraid

Everyone should read this article and ponder if this is the world they want. I’m sorry to have been off so long. More shortly, but in the meantime, read this and, if you understand at all why the browser has been such a tremendous force for good in terms of access, support, TCO, productivity, and even quality of design, be very afraid.

I’m getting mail/comments that interpret this as me being against Rich UI or Avalon. Nothing could be further from the truth. I think that, in its place, particularly personal productivity tools, Rich UI is great. What is more, I’m delighted to see Windows building a better model for authoring it. What I’m afraid of isn’t rich UI. I’m afraid of the browser being taken away. Many many customers love the browser precisely because sites tend to be easy to use. It always amazes me how little the people in our industry understand this. It is easy. It is as easy to use a well designed web site as using a radio, Job’s old vision. No GUI application is that easy. Period. They are richer. They are more interactive. They are great for productivity. But they aren’t as easy, or so customers tell me. And it would be a huge shame if we lost that.

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