Where is the decency?

I haven’t posted for a very long time because I’ve been busy turning a startup into a going concern and, frankly, occasionally what I’d like to say might annoy clients. However enough is enough.

Yesterday was one of the most shameful days I can recall in our nation in my 57 years. Despite the pleas of the bereaved parents from Sandy Hook 46 Senators chose not to make background checks mandatory on gun sales. Background checks!! It is like saying that it would be wrong to even try to keep these terrible weapons of destruction out of the hands of bad people. Have they no decency? Have they no children of their own? Do they truly think they are worthy of representing this great country when they cannot even agree to try and keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people?

I am ashamed of the Republicans who once were a great party and stood for competition and freedom, but also stood for building a great world for our children to  grow up in. Now they support the polluters who destroy the environment our children will inherit, the armed crazies who threaten the life and serenity of our children as they grow up, the health of our children fed increasingly terrible foods (read Salt, Sugar, Fat), and in general the welfare of those who are our future and deserve our help and protection as they grow up. But most of all, I simply cannot imagine how the people who represent this great country could look those parents of Sandy Hook in the eye and then vote to allow these weapons and to prevent background checks.

They are beneath our contempt for their total lack of decency, once an American hallmark, and frankly, if you support the NRA or these Senators in this vote so are you.

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