It’s time to state the obvious. We are essentially a three party country now trying to pretend we are a two party country. We have the Democrats, largely unchanged since Bill Clinton revamped who they were to be in favor of economic growth. We have the “old Republicans” once defined by Ronald Reagan who were actually pro-science, pro-business, pro-immigration (in those days it was the Democrats egged on by labor unions who were against immigration) and against the government telling you what to do in private although a bit mealy mouthed about the latter. Perhaps most importantly, the Reagan Republicans were fully aware that intelligence mattered and that compromise was necessary to getting change made, for example getting the consensus required to make the most sweeping and helpful changes made to the US tax code in decades. ¬†Full disclosure. I voted for Ronald Reagan. Lastly we have the Tea Party, reminiscent of the old No Nothing Party of the 19th century, anti-science, anti-business, anti-immigration (especially of anyone who looks different regardless of how much smarter or more talented they might be) and really anti everything except that they are in favor of having the government tell you what you can do in your private life. The irony of Paul Ryan being a Tea Party darling who calls himself a Libertarian is that he would be Ayn Rand’s worst nightmare. Most importantly though, (at least for those of us who create wealth in the country and real jobs) the Tea Party is essentially pro-stupid. Data means nothing to them. Strategy means nothing to them. Actually studying and understanding economics is foreign to them. Having a public tantrum about the fact they don’t agree with the rest of the country (only 30% of the country has a favorable view of them based on the polls this week) means everything. We should just admit we have three parties, let them have their own primaries and hold three party elections. Heck, Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin can duke it out for who runs as Presidential candidate for the Tea Party. God bless them.

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