Learning from customers

We have been truly blessed here at Keas. We have amazing partners in Quest Diagnostics, Healthwise, CVS MinuteClinic, Dr. Alan Greene and the DiabetesMine/Joslyn team of Amy Tenderich and Dr. Rich Jackson. We have a great team within Keas. And we received some extraordinarily supportive news reporting about Keas during the last week including The New York Times and Fox Business as we opened up a public beta for everybody. We are truly grateful.

For those of you who missed this news, Keas now has an open, free public beta at www.keas.com.

What is Keas? Keas brings you the best medical minds to deliver personalized help so that you can start to take charge of your health. These health experts build personalized expertise into a Keas Care Plan, based on the very same questions and feedback that occurs in person, during an office visit. In other words, these Care Plans look at or ask for your data just as health experts would. Given that data, Keas Care Plans can help you understand your health by charting the results that matter, indicating whether you are where you should be (in the green), have some risks (in the yellow), or clearly need serious attention (in the red). And because they are developed by health professionals who understand the nuances of health issues, Care Plans deliver “to-dos” for you to see at a glance what steps to take to get in the green and stay in the green.

We also announced a wonderful strategic alliance with Quest Diagnostics. If your doctor orders a blood test to be taken at a Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Center, when the results come in Quest and your doctor will help get your data into Keas. In addition, as part of the strategic alliance, Quest Diagnostics has worked with Keas to help interpret your data, based on your personal health status, as falling in the red, the yellow, or the green. It is another layer of expertise that offers you the best advice for taking charge of your health.

Thanks to the news coverage and our partnership with Quest Diagnostics, we are now getting large numbers of users each day. And that brings us yet another layer of expertise – you, the user.  As we develop communities based on individual Care Plans, your knowledge and wisdom will be invaluable to those who share your specific health concerns, and we’ll provide the tools for peer-to-peer support. In addition, we at Keas need your smart observations: we can only make our services great and truly useful with your help. We want to know from you what Keas Care Plans you need that we haven’t built. We want to know which Care Plans can be better and how. We want to know which “to-dos” need to be improved and expanded, and your preferred modes and frequency of messaging. We want to know what Keas should be doing for you that it isn’t already doing in order to provide the best personalized help from the best medical minds. So please keep your feedback coming.

Our commitment to you is that we will learn and work hard and steadily to fix the things that need fixing and add the things that need adding. Working together over the next few months, we can make Keas the tool you need to understand your health and take charge of it, with help from the best health experts and from each other. It is an exciting time.

If you are a health expert and want to join us in building Care Plans for your patients, please email us here.

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  1. Great blog post. Bookmarked it already. take care.

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